A quick word about some Damitol shows....

Our shows occasionally conclude with a member of The Tubeslayer Squad smashing one or more television sets with a large, heavy object, usually a sledgehammer (depends on where we play, cause we probably would want to play there again). This results in a large cloud of toxic dust to spread throughout the room. Any wuss who is afraid of a little lead dust and other toxic gases ought to stand back from the stage and/or wear some kind of dust mask. We don't really do this much anymore, but you should always be prepared.

Upcoming Shows

All Shows subject to change, blah, blah, blah. Let's see the schedule now, shall we?

June 7, Uncle Doctors, West Columbia SC, w/erectorset, Robot vs. Rabbit, and Magic Johnson Ride. This is John's B-Day Blowout.

August 24, Pulaski Street Music Fest, Columbia SC, w/ many other local acts.

As a side note, John's solo project, Magic Johnson Ride, will be at Uncle Doctors on Tuesday June 25, w/ Alternative Tentacles recording artists The Phantom Limbs, Ultrabait, and Something About Vampires and Sluts.



Buy Our Music, Suckers

Damitol CDs are available. Anyone who wants one can email us, but they are sold at all Millard Fillmore affiliated shows, too (Mandible, Zenathsmatic, Magic Johnson Ride, etc). So next time you are out at a show, buy our CD instead of that last beer. Like you need another beer anyway, asshole. Unfortunetly, the purchase of a Damitol CD is not considered a charitable donation by the IRS, and is not tax-deductable. The Lazy I record store in Myrtle Beach also sells them. Or just ask for John at Uncle Doctors, he is the house sound guy.