DNN: Damitol News Network

You have arrived at Damitol's official news page. Some of you may notice it is a new format, to allow easier updates on my part. For more information on Damitol and other fools, go to the Millard Fillmore news page.

June 24 Update:

Yeah, I know how long it's been since I updated the site. Shut up already. Ok, here's the update: Damitol is back, Tif had a baby girl (Hazel Olivia) in December, John just got a new Ibanez Soundgear 5 string bass, we're playing shows and writing songs and possibly looking for a fourth member. Ok, another update in about 6 months. Maybe less, I don't know. My schedule is crazy and I have little time to update websites.

November 12 Update:

We have two more shows to play before we go on maternity leave: 11/16 & 11/23. Go to the SHOWS page for more details. In other news: Damitol would like to thank Stephanie for not suing us. Some of you may remember her as the young lady injured by flying glass on 9/14 at Uncle Doctors. Also, Tif's baby's name will be Hazel Olivia.

August 29 Update:

Damitol is headlining a 4-band lineup on September 14 at Uncle Doctors in scenic West Columbia. Bands to be features are Skillit, The Kerouacs, and Anam Cara. And Tif is having a baby girl.

July 16 Update:

Ok, so Tif is having a baby, John just started working for Uncle Doctors, we've been writing songs and planning out of town shows. We'll be playing locally again soon kids, don't worry.