Damitol Discography

As all good fanboys (and fangirls) know, our debut CD has been out for some time. Don't you think the time is right for you to buy a Damitol CD? More Damitol product is available from us at our shows, but for now email us and we can hook you up. For now, you can still download clips from our debut CD, which is out od print. Our new CD, LIMITED, is available from the Millard Fillmore site, or from us, for $3. It contains much of the same material (superior re-recorded versions) and some new tracks that weren't on the first one.

Soon there will be Damitol songs available for download, for now, you can vist the Millard Fillmore download page rightHERE.

Here is a current list of songs in Damitol's arsenal. All of our songs are about the current economic crisis in the former Soviet states, particularly Estonia (because that's the only one we can spell). Put your ear to the screen and you can hear the songs.

Cover songs: (for fun, rarely played live)

  • Throwing Things, by Superchunk
  • More Than a Feeling, by Boston
  • Hang Wire, by The Pixies
  • Our Lips Are Sealed, by The Go-Gos
  • Sweet Home Alabama, by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Rock 'n'Roll Creation, by Spinal Tap
  • Fearless, by Pink Floyd