Damitol are:
"Magic John" Albrecht: Bass, Vocals, Sampler, stunt falls
Spencer "Not-Related-To-Michael" Madsen: Vocals, Guitar, facial expressions
Tiffanie "Host Organism" Scott: Drum kit, Percussion, Folic Acid
Proud members of the Millard Fillmore family of affiliated musicians.

Magic Johnson Ride

Damitol does not play bland college rock, regardless of what town we live in (Columbia, SC). We rock out and occasionally smash televisions or computer monitors on stage (venue permitting). We are now available for booking throughout the southeast. And remember, Damitol is an equal opportunity destroyer.

DAMITOL IS BACK! I have finally gotten around to updating the site. We played our comeback show June 7 with erectorset, Robot vs. Rabbit, and Magic Johnson Ride. It was also John's birthday party, and the debut of his new 5 string Ibanez bass. Damitol also has a new mascot, Tiffanie and Mike's spawn, Hazel.

Tiffanie's Page of Rage

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Enjoy the site, or just go screw yourself. Email us and send us your money. Come to our shows and beat up people who heckle us. Nevermind, no one heckles us anymore.



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