Interesting Facts About Damitol

INTERESTING FACTS: (The term "interesting" is a matter of opinion, as the interest you may or may not have depends on how close you are to the band.)

Spencer is late to practice a lot. John and Tiffanie started telling him it started an hour ahead, but he quickly caught on. Now we accept his tardiness with a smile and a threat.

John is a Gemini, but his girlfriend Stacey, Spencer, and Tiffanie are all Capricorns.

Spencer is also in the avante-garde noise/performance art group MANDIBLE.

John and Spencer both played in MEAT WHISTLE, with other members of MANDIBLE.

John and Tiffanie work together, and graduated from USC one semester apart. Spencer is still at USC.

DAMITOL practices in Tiffanie's living room (for now).

John has a potato cannon, and is not afraid to use it. We shot it at some televisions at Tiffanie's house after practice one day.

Soup is good food.

John does most of the audio production work for the band. He has a degree in audio from USC. He has recorded such bands as The Hall Monitors, Marilyn Hanson, Dead Center, Surge, The Humanoids, Meat Whistle, Stalactyte, Mandible, Johnny Welfare, Skull Baby, Enable Kain, The Kerouacs, ATG, The Risk, and many other bands. As you may have also figured out, he does the website, too.

Chocolate and marijuana produce similar effects in the human brain, but I forgot what they were.

Damitol wants to play at your next wedding, bar mitzvah, children's birthday party, or frat party.

Spencer's favorite drink: Any kind of bourbon and coke

Tiffanie's favorite drink: Wild Turkey and 7-Up

John's favorite drink: Capt. Morgan and coke, with lime. But he doesn't drink like he used to.

Tiffanie's dog Mattie is the official Damitol Security Force. Her duties consist mainly of begging for food from people at the show and acting cute in general.

Television tubes contain lead dust and other harmful gases. That is why you should stand back when you see The Tubeslayer (or whoever is standing in that night) pick up a sledgehammer, not to mention the flying glass which usually results from an exploding picture tube.

Members of The Tubeslayer Squad are unknown at this time. One of the showed up at our first gig and taught us The Way. Now there is always at least one member of the Squad at every show. We cannot smash television at all venues, however. We require a lot of space and some distance between us and the audience. We don't want to hurt anyone, because dead fans can't buy CDs.