A Very Special Damitol Biography by Strom Thurmond

Let's see now, Damitol. I first met them when I stopped to use the bathroom at the USC Media Arts department, back when it was on the lower level of that old basketball stadium. They told me their story, and now I will share it with you.

John and Tiffanie met while Media Arts students. Spencer and John met when Spencer's ex tried to "fix up" John's roommate Craig with another girl. The three of them decided to start a band. Damitol has been together since late 1999, when they just started jamming and playing cover songs for fun. They began writing original songs and recording them on their four tracks, and now they play live as often as they can. Their influences are hard to pinpoint exactly, but they all listen to all kinds of music ranging from jazz to punk to electronic to metal to international styles. All of them come from a fairly musical childhood. Tif has played drums off and on since she was 11. John played trombone from 4th grade up to high school, same with Spencer on the clarinet. I asked them why they smash up televisions at their shows, and John says it's a statement against how the media and its advertisers tell us how to live and what to buy, but I suspect it is just for fun.

All South Carolinians should take pride that such a fine group of young musicians such as these would choose to make their home in our fair state. We shall bask in their glory for all of eternity.



Ok, so Strom Thurmond didn't really write our biography. I'm sure he would if he had the time. Last time we went out to the bars he could only stay for 2 pitchers, something about some hearing the next morning. I don't want to piss Strom off or anything, cause I know he visits the site often (What's up dude, call me sometime, I have that five I owe you). Anyway, That's the story of Damitol, as told by Strom or anyone else.